concurrent.futures in Python

The Python standard library concurrent.futures is the easiest way to run parallel jobs in the best-effort manner. In case the heavy jobs are run off-interpreter (e.g., NumPy) using the thread pool from concurrent.futures can give you some noticeable performance benefit. [more]

Photo Color Adjustment

Photos are matrices of pixels. Each pixel can be a tuple of RGB values (the most common) or other color spaces such as Lab or HSV. RGB is great for its additive nature. HSV, however, considered hue as an angle in some arbitrary order. It is better than RGB if... [more]

Reading the LLaMA code

The LLaMA and LLaMA 2 model released by Meta/Facebook is available on GitHub and there’s a guide to help you using it. Of course, from Meta, this model is using PyTorch. But surprisingly, the repo on GitHub is very short that you can read and understand it in a day... [more]