The following are list of some tools that might be useful for network management.

Scanning tools

Throughput measurement

  • ttcp
  • netperf
  • iperf

Analysis of tcpdump output

  • sanitize (remove privacy or security information)
  • tcpdpriv (removing sensitive infromation)
  • tcpflow (capture a flow)
  • tcp-reduce (make tcpdump trace file into one-line summaries)
  • tcpshow (put trace file in a nice format)
  • tcpslice (extracting pieces from trace file)
  • tcptrace (extract data from trace files, e.g. summaries, data for graph ploting)

Traffic Generators

  • spray
  • mgen
  • nemesis
  • ipfilter (includes ipsend)
  • ipload (Windows)

Other tools