As taken from, there are a couple of things to avoid/think about before using AJAX:

  • Using Ajax for the sake of Ajax
    When you took AJAX as a cool toy
  • Breaking the back button
    Back button is for the whole page, given that pages doesn’t refresh on AJAX actions, it is dysfunctioned
  • Not giving immediate visual cues for clicking widgets
    AJAX means wait for action complete without refreshing pages. But refreshing a page can be a visual clue to the users, which AJAX removed it. Work around: The red “loading…” at the top-right corner in Gmail.
  • Leaving offline people behind
    Offline = no AJAX. So you can’t open a tab or so.
  • Don’t make me wait for Ajax
    In case the network is slow, it sucks.
  • Sending sensitive information in the clear
    Something we have to care about: doing encryption in Javascript.
  • Assuming AJAX development is single platform development
    There is one non-standard browser flying around: IE
  • Too much code makes the browser slow
    Remember: Javascript runs on client browser
  • Not having a plan for those who do not enable or have JavaScript
    Still, 11% people don’t support JavaScript.
  • Inventing new UI conventions
    DIV can be clicked? People expects buttons. So give more clue.
  • Changing state with links (GET requests)
    A fetched page will have different look-and-feel at different time, which confuses cache.
  • Blinking and changing parts of the page unexpectedly
    Annoying and confusing
  • Not using links I can pass to friends or bookmark
    AJAX can’t be bookmarked, unless extra work is done, preferably by the server side, such as providing a “bookmark this” button.
  • Not cascading local changes to other parts of the page
  • Asynchronously performing batch operations
    Synchronization on parallel tasks
  • Scrolling the page and making me lose my place
  • Blocking Spidering
    Even if you allow people to bookmark it, search engine can’t correctly index the page.

So you got a list of reasons to turn down the use of AJAX.