Successfully built a Hackintosh. This is the notes:

  • System: Asus P6X58D Premium, Quad-core i7, 12GB RAM, dual Radeon HD 5770
  • Use iBoot and Snow Leopard DVD to install. Follow the instruction on, i.e.
    • Set SATA to ACHI mode in BIOS
    • Remove memory to only 6GB, and keep only one Radeon card
    • Boot with iBoot, replace with SL DVD, type GraphicsEnabler=No to start the installation
    • Format the hard disk with GUID partition table, then install Snow Leopard
    • After installation, during reboot, boot with iBoot again, and still use GraphicsEnabler=No option
    • The screen now is at 1024x768, as the video driver not found
    • The complete the installation, and update SL to 10.6.8 using the combo update from Apple
    • Run MultiBeast before the combo update reboots. Use EasyBeast install with System Utilities only, otherwise the system will break (a 32-bit vs 64-bit problem on kext?)
    • Reboot, the video works, but Ethernet/Audio is not
  • To fix Ethernet, follow
    • modify /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleYukon2.kext/Contents/Info.plist, copy the block of Yukon-88E8053 to Yukon-88E8056 and change 0x436211ab to 0x436411ab, also the name string
  • To fix audio, follow, get the zip file and put the content to /Extra, then rebuild the kexts with kext utility
  • Reboot put the RAM and Radeon card back, then everything’s ready.

Update: After putting the second Radeon card back, the boot was very slow. But subsequent boot is just fine. Probably due to cache rebuilding after hardware change.

Edit: On a second installation on the same hardware, I found that the fix of Ethernet can be done using the zip file P6X58D Premium from, but the audio never works (strange!). The fix of the audio, however, is to use (put to /Extra/Extensions) and (replace the kext at /System/Library/Extensions) from Afterwards, run kext utility to rebuild the cache, then they works immediately without reboot.