Nokia 6270

I retired my old phone (I’ve been using it for last 3-4 years) and get Nokia 6270. Color display, built-in media player, radio, and allows a mini-SD card for expansion, which are all good things. However, I found that there are two bugs: [more]

Porting to Dovecot

Recently, I changed the IMAP daemon used in IEAA server from UW-IMAPd (which is using mbox format) to Dovecot. The transition is easy, but not trivial as I originally expect. Here are the steps if you want to do so: [more]

10 Minute Guide to Leadership 2e

Elizabeth O'Leary / 1997

Nice little book. The idea in the book are trival but good to learn them again. In summary, what makes a good leader or good manager is that, firstly, create a good atmosphere to work. This means to make people in the workplace think positive, feeling good, respect each person,... [more]

Linux Kernel Calls

Where to find? To get a list of available Linux kernel calls, go to the src dir of your kernel and find include/asm/unistd.h, that’s the UNIX Standard, i.e. the kernel call vs call number mapping. Alternative location is /usr/include/linux/unistd.h. [more]