Using pgfplotstable in LaTeX

pgfplotstable allows you to typeset a table in LaTeX without really typing out the table. The following is a simple example, that converts a CSV into a table: [more]

Kriegel et al (2010) Outlier Detection Techniques

Outlier: definition by Hawkins (1980), an observation which deviates so much from other observations as to arouse suspicions that it was generated by a different mechanism mechanism: statistical process Example: Hadlum v Hadlum (1949), birth of a child happened 349 days after Mr Hadlum left for military service while average... [more]

Pandey et al (2017) A Fast x86 Implementation of Select

The paper tries to solve the problem of SELECT and RANK: SELECT is to find the \(r\)-th asserted bit in a bit vector and RANK is to find the total number of asserted bits in the \(j\)-bit prefix of the bit vector. For example, if the bit vector is 100101001010... [more]