Dey et al (2017) SigNet

This is a paper proposing a siamese network for signature verification. Essentially, it can also be applied to other image matching tasks. The network, called SigNet, has the main branch to encode a signature image into a vector. With the signature pair, the encoded vectors are compared using contrastive loss... [more]

Porting neovim config to lua

In a previous post I mentoned about bringing the old vim config to neovim by making symlinks between ~/.vim to ~/.config/nvim as well as ~/.vimrc to ~/.config/nvim/init.vim. But as I see neovim getting mature, seems I don’t need to care about vim config any more. While the .vim files are... [more]

Arpa's trick explained

Recently I encountered with the problem of range minimum query (RMQ) and there are many ways to solve it, depending on the trade off between preprocessing complexity and per-query runtime complexity. Block-paritioning and a sparse table would be clever techniques. A hybrid of both would need some more code but... [more]