Language Server Protocol in neovim

My favorite editor is always vim and even better is its recent revamp, the neovim. When comparing neovim to a modern IDE, there are a lot of programming support features missing but none of the IDEs can run over SSH in text screen. To make neovim one step closer to... [more]

Mutex lock in bash shell

Implementing a mutex lock is a difficult problem for any parallel computation model. Leslie Lamport’s bakery algorithm is probably something we should use. But if the goal is merely to run a script in bash shell but not allowing duplicated parallels, there are some simple techniques that we can use.... [more]

802.11r on OpenWRT

Normally, Wi-Fi connections does not need any explicit set up for roaming. When a station moved away from the access point, it will notice about that and find another AP and reconnect. The 802.11r (fast basic service set transition), however, is to help make this transition faster. Hence it is... [more]