Balls and Bins

Assume there are \(m\) balls and \(n\) bins. We denote \(\eta_{i}^b\) the event that ball \(i\) falls into bin \(b\), and denote \(\epsilon_{ij}\) the event that balls \(i\) and \(j\) collide. [more]

ns3: ASCII trace to stdout

The way demonstrated in examples to put ASCII trace into a file: AsciiTraceHelper ascii; p2p.EnableAsciiAll (ascii.CreateFileStream ("")); To output to stdout (or other existing std::ostream object), use the following instead: pointToPoint.EnableAsciiAll (Create<OutputStreamWrapper>(&std::cout)); [more]

Mac OS X Lion

To celebrate the release of Mac OS X Lion, I bought a 750GB HDD to upgrade my MBP, and install the new OS X. Installing the Lion is not smooth, but all is done now. Below are some random hassles that I encountered: [more]