You and Your Research

Richard Hamming / 1986

This is not a book, but a transcript of a talk by Richard Hamming (the guy made the Hamming code). He talked about who and what makes good research. In summary, researcher or scientist is a person with some good properties, namely: [more]

Scientific English

Robert A. Day / 1995

This is a book about scientific English, specifically, how should English be used in scientific publications. Scientific publication is aimed for clarify but not anything else. So all those rhetoric elements shall be removed and have to be removed if it has conflict with clarity. [more]

Schwartzian Transformation

Assume you have a vector A and you going to sort it according to a function f(x). If you sort it naively, whenever you are going to compare two items, you call the function. Because the best sorting algorithm we know nowadays is , you call such function a lot.... [more]