NFS module

This is the NFS daemon module for Thecus N1200. I made it based on the version 1.1.00 of the N2100 NFSD module by Lzimmerma Mshapf, with the binary executables replaced with the PowerPC counterpart from Debian woody, as well as with the install.rdf file modified to fit the N1200 architecture.... [more]

Firmware Handling

The Thecus firmware is actually a tarball but encrypted with DES. Interesting enough, the key for the DES encryption is actually the model number: n1200 for my box and n2100 for another model. [more]


Setup spamassassin in Debian is easy: just apt-get. Exim users might need sa-exim for rejecting mails at the gateway. [more]

mlterm 字型

在我的Debian內,我最喜愛的terminal —— mlterm 是用楷書顯示UTF8編碼的。對於我那個12吋的Notebook來說太不好讀了。 [more]