Tang, Huang, Chen (2000) Internet Flow Blocking Probability Calculation (Canadian Conf on ECE)

This paper derives equations. Assume the Internet operates as \(M\)/Pareto/\(1\)/\(K\) queues, the flow blocking probability is \(P_B = 1-\dfrac{\Gamma(K)}{m+\lambda\Gamma(K)}\), where \(\lambda\) is the arrival rate, \(m\) is the first busy period (i.e. mean of Pareto), \(\Gamma(K)=\dfrac{m}{1-\rho}(P_0+P_1+...+P_{K-1})\) is the \(k\)-th busy period, and \(P_j\) denotes the probability of having \(j\) customers... [more]