Specification of my Samsung Q25

Processor Intel Pentium M (Dothan) 1.40G Stepping 06 ULV Cache Memory 2048K L2 Cache Core Chipset Intel 855GME & ICH4-M RAM Type PC333 DDR SODIMM onboard 256MB Memory Expansion Options 1-slot SODIMM Hard Disk Drive TOSHIBA MK4021GAS 40GB ATA (9.5mmH 2.5 inch) IDE Controller SMART UltraDMA-33/66/100 support LCD Panel 12.1... [more]

Power Architeture

Power architecture is a RISC architecture with 4-byte instruction set. It was developed by the AIM — Apple, IBM and Motorola. The semiconductor products sector of Motorola became Freescale in 2004 and hence the Power architecture processor is created by Freescale now. [more]