A 3-page paper.

It models a soft-state system, i.e. some state signal with an expiry timer to be installed on routers. Signal is from a source to destination and passing through a number of intermediate routers. Each router have to remember the state. Two refresh approach is described: End-to-end and Hop-by-hop. In end-to-end, only the source can send refresh and all routers pass on the refresh request. In hop-by-hop, each router remember the (independent) expiry time and send refresh on their own. Markov chain models are developed for the E2E and HbH approaches and a formula is provided for (1) the probability of inconsistency, i.e. when a router has a different understanding to the state than the source node; and (2) the message rate, i.e. the number of state signaling message flowing on the network per unit time.

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