In UNIX, pipeline is a great feature. However, a pipe by definition is single input to single processor. How about we do a SIMD kind of stuff?

What I mean is to make a single input to a pipeline and the pipeline calls up a couple different programs to process the identical input concurrently. This sounds not possible by definition of a pipe but in bash, we have a solution:

bzcat | tee >(filter1 > output1) | filter2 > output2

Use of tee is trivial but in bash, we have a very nice >(list) construct that allows a command in place of a file as a redirected output. Obviously we can chain up a lot of tees to get more filters to work concurrently, but that’s the idea.

(I need this because I have a terabyte of bzip2’ed data and decompressing it multiple times to pass through different filter is not green.)