PACELC theorem

A few years ago I learned about ACID, BASE, and the CAP theorem. Recently I learned about an extension, the PACELC theorem. So some recap: [more]

Evolution of HTTP

In the beginning, there were HTTP. Then we started to version it. First we have HTTP/0.9, then HTTP/1.0 (RFC1945), then HTTP/1.1 (RFC2068 in 1997), and recently we have HTTP/2 (RFC7540 in 2015) and HTTP/3 (Internet draft in 2018). So it should be a time to review how the protocol evolved... [more]

Solving Sudoku with Simulated Annealing

Recently I encountered a problem of mixed integer programming with linear constraints but non-linear convex objective function. There do not seem to have any nice solver package available in Python. Even if I tried to look for anything with a C/C++ API, there are not many open source solutions, AFAIK.... [more]