Self-hosted Copilot for Your VSCode

GitHub has its Copilot service that we can pay a subscription for. It is a coding assistant in your IDE, which requires a plugin on your editor and performs auto-complete for the code you typed. There are off-the-shelf language models that can generate code like GitHub’s Copilot. But the model... [more]

Conda and CUDA

If we want to run TensorFlow or PyTorch with CUDA on Linux, for example, we can install CUDA as a system library first and then install the Python package with pip (or via apt-get, in the rare case). This way, the package will find the CUDA library at system locations.... [more]

Wang et al (2021) Real-ESRGAN

This is to extend the SR-GAN and ESR-GAN to do blind super-resolution. The problem statement is to reconstruct the high-resolution image from low resolution (a.k.a. super-resolution), but without knowing how the low resolution is derived from the original high-resolution image, i.e., blind super-resolution. [more]