Porting neovim config to lua

In a previous post I mentoned about bringing the old vim config to neovim by making symlinks between ~/.vim to ~/.config/nvim as well as ~/.vimrc to ~/.config/nvim/init.vim. But as I see neovim getting mature, seems I don’t need to care about vim config any more. While the .vim files are... [more]

Arpa's trick explained

Recently I encountered with the problem of range minimum query (RMQ) and there are many ways to solve it, depending on the trade off between preprocessing complexity and per-query runtime complexity. Block-paritioning and a sparse table would be clever techniques. A hybrid of both would need some more code but... [more]

Dash, Flask, and WebSocket

In Python, Django is the most popular web framework. Second comes to Flask. What Flask is handy to do is to create some RESTful APIs by defining the web endpoints and the handlers. The frontend, however, is not something Django or Flask can provide to you. The best they can... [more]