Using neovim

Have been using neovim for a few years now and I don’t feel a thing! To remember what should be done in case of reinstallation from scratch, it is better to write down some tips and configuration. [more]

Diskless Debian

This documents my attempt to create a diskless, PXE boot, NFS-supported Debian system. The device is an Intel NUC and it is served by OpenWRT routers. There are posts about PXE previously. But in summary, the workflow of such system is [more]

Hurst parameter and fractional Brownian motion

I was introduced to the concept of self-similarity and long-range dependency of a time series from the seminal paper On the Self-Similar Nature of Ethernet Traffic by Leland et al (1995). The Hurst parameter or the Hurst exponent is the key behind all these. [more]

QQ-plot and PP-plot

Both QQ-plot and PP-plot are called the probability plot, but they are different. These plots are intended to compare two distributions, usually at least one of them is empirical. It is to graphically tell how good the two distributions fit. [more]