WireGuard VPN

WireGuard is regarded as the only right way to do VPN. There are quite many benefit of using that. While the configuration is easy, you need to understand what it is doing to properly set it up. [more]

Ren, He, Girshick, Sun (2016) Faster R-CNN

This is the Faster R-CNN paper. It improves over Fast R-CNN and R-CNN in the sense that region proposals are generated from the image. It combines a region proposal network (RPN) with the Fast R-CNN detection network so the convolutional network part is shared. It eliminated the use of region... [more]

Girshick (2015) Fast R-CNN

This is the Fast R-CNN paper. It improves over R-CNN. It is a single-stage training model (i.e., only one model to train) on the Pascal VOC 2012 dataset. It is faster than R-CNN by using the RoI pooling layer. [more]