Acid-free paper

Often I read from the covers of a book that claim it was printed on acid-free paper. I thought it was some environmental protection issue, but actually it was not. [more]

MD5 in C++

MD5 (Message Digest Five) is the algorithm developed by Rivest (of the RSA fame). It is also documented in the RFC1321. In order for the completely free use, L. Peter Deutsch wrote his own implementation according to the specification of the RFC. Currently, his implementation can be found on Sourceforge.... [more]

Huawei SmartAX MT900 VDSL Modem

I am currently using Hutchison Broadband at home. It is a VDSL link and PPPoE is required. I have no comment about the speed: I didn’t stress tested it and I found myself happy for whatever I downloaded. However, it is very disgusting that the VDSL modem hangs always! [more]