The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

Larry Gonick / 1993

This is a very concise book on Statistics. It is also enjoyable to read (probably due to the cartoons). It takes only around one or two days to finish the whole, however, it covers a lot of topics that you may need for statistics. Of course, you should never expect... [more]

SMTP servers of the ISPs in Hong Kong

ISP SMTP Server ABC Net CTI HGC HKBN HKC HKNet I-Cable iSmart NET Front Netvigator, OneBB Pacific Supernet So-net [more]

MetaPost to EPS

The FAQ for MetaPost drawing is why ghostview cannot preview the picture but you can still included in LaTeX. Actually, this is due to the fact that, MP output is not a completely valid postscript, but just a partial file. Whenever you included some text, it cannot understand where to... [more]